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India Today
May 4, 1998

India Today

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The Jayalalitha Backlash
Stung by J Jayalalitha's demands, ranging from dismissal of Karunanidhi's Government to key posts for her men at the centre, the BJP-led Government finds itself paralysed. How long will Vajpayee continue to yield to her personal agenda?
The Nation
In Pursuit of Mr Q
An incriminating affidavit in a Swiss court strengthens the CBI's case against Quattrocchi.

Vacate or Else
The Centre cracks down on overstaying VVIP tenants.

Letter from the Editor
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It's a Merry Go Wrong
The CAG indicts Mayawati and the BJP's Tandon for diverting contingency funds to a dream park project.

Biting the Bullet
A spate of kidnappings and extortion threats forces a large number of businessmen to move out, causing a flight of capital the state can ill-afford.

Hired Guns
The increasing number of foreign mercenaries adds a dangerous dimension to insurgency in Kashmir.

Fast Track To Darkness
Lopsided privatisation policies have short-circuited five of the eight showcase power generation schemes.

Cola Quarrels
The latest round has Pepsi dragging Coke to court, alleging a conspiracy and saying that its arch-rival has gone beyond limits to grab lost advantage.

Race Course Road by Prabhu Chawla
The Usual Suspects by Swapan Dasgupta
Mani Talk by Mani Shankar Aiyar
Fifth Column by Tavleen Singh
Flipside by Dilip Bobb
Kautilya by Jairam Ramesh

Best in the World
Belief in himself, the will to win, the fear and respect of his rivals -- India's star batsman has it all. This master blaster is sheer genius. What makes him a living legend? 

State Sentiments
Religious Recourse
Lobby Manager
Too Many Cooks...
Quickfix Populism
Forceful Promise
Hic, Hic, Hiccups
Blood Mystery in Expert Hands
Green Signal to Red Zones

Deadly Option
Confronted with Pakistani sabre-rattling and Chinese double-dealing on nuclear weapons and missiles, the Government is quietly gearing up to meet the challenge.

Much Married Man
Nine wives, 30 children, a 161-member family. This Gujarati is a statistician's delight -- not to speak  of political parties  wooing his very own vote bank.




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