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July 02, 2001


The Luckies
The Labelled, Urban, Chilled, Kicked-with-life Indians are here. The most fortunate ever if only for the choices before it, this generation is glib, global, cocky and informed-and chases success with an awesome spending power.



Wages Of Peace
The Centre's decision to extend its cease-fire with the NSCN(I-M)
to three other north-east states leads to large-scale violence
in Manipur.

Man Of Letters
Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik's skill with the quill has the PMO busy acknowledging his missives. And on occasion agreeing to his demands.



Civil Lines
Pervez Musharraf's assuming the office of President is being seen as a bid to legitimise his position. A look at what this means in the context of his India visit.



Peace In Pipeline
India wants to put on Iran the onus of ensuring safe transit of gas.





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City Of Sins
If you missed the ambitious take on the world's select metros called "Century City" at the swank Tate Modern in London, an exhibition in Mumbai will fill that gap just a bit.

Looking Glass

Delhi Play:
Back to the Convent

Delhi Decorative Art: D'addomio

Kolkata Restaurant: Thai Tonight


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A Hare Krishna cult member's spiritual quest meets with a rude end. But he isn't the only one on trial. The credibility of the Orissa police is equally at stake, writes INDIA TODAY's Special Correspondent Ruben Banerjee in
Sleaze And Salvation



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