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Dilip Modi and Sonal HimatsingkaThis alliance is for life. When Dilip Modi, 24, the son of B.K. Modi, the CEO of the Rs 1,300-crore B.K. Modi Group, tied the knot with Sonal Himatsingka, 22, the daughter of Rakesh Himatsingka, the CEO of the Rs 39-crore Indian Carbon, they sure made a quiet song-'n-dance about it. Amidst Shubha Mudgal's bhajans, Daler Mehndi's bhangra, Shiamak Davar's Hindish pop, Bismillah Khan's shehnai, and Colonial Cousins' fusion music, the couple were quietly wedded. "Marriages ought to be celebrated in temples," says BK, a born-again Buddhist, who insisted on a simple ceremony at the Chattarpur Temple, near Delhi. While the B-school jock from the Imperial College in London will try to focus on the group's cellular telecom business, the English grad from St Xavier's College in Calcutta will try to write poetry. It's in the air, remember?

Vidorha Debroy (centre), Nishanka Debroy (extreme right), Bibek Debroy (extreme left)Bade Miya To Bade Miya, Chotte Miyans To...
When Vidorha Debroy (centre), 15, and Nishanka Debroy (extreme right), 12, were invited last month by the Massachussetts Institute of Technology to participate in a global children's summit, they proved all the maxims about fathers and sons right--besides doing papa proud. While everyone knows of Bibek Debroy (extreme left), 42, who heads the Indira Gandhi Institute For Development Research, it was the two little Debroys who stole the show by winning the right to be among the 100 children in the world who came together to create a virtual nation, Nation 1.0. To exist only in cyberspace, Nation 1.0 will serve as a platform for exchanging ideas and redressing real world economic problems, especially those concerning children. "It's a children's world. Adults can participate, but we have the right to ask them to evacuate," says Nishanka. Exactly the kind of thing Daddy Debroy would say!

Anupama Verma and Surpreet GillThey are the low-flyer's hi-fliers. What would you do if you had to market a global brand that cannot be advertised locally? Well, apart from sponsoring golf-tournaments, you could diplomatically appoint Ambassadors for your brand. Like the 112-million Highland Distillers, which has anointed the 20-something Anupama Verma, the model-turned-actress, and the designer-turned-model, Gurpreet Gill, 23, as the Brand Ambassadors of its Scotch whiskey, Famous Grouse. Although Highland Distillers doesn't plan to manufacture the product here, it is trying to increase the awareness about the brand. So, it roped in Anupama and Gurpreet, who were initiated at a week in Scotland and a chaperoned tour of London's night-clubs. Explains Anupama: "The brand has a lot of flavour, of fun, of flair. That's what I will promote in my own way about Famous Grouse." And become as famous as a grouse

Aditya Mittal and Megha Patodia"I love Calcutta. I was born here. I went to college here. I got married here. Aditya was born here" says Laxmi Niwas Mittal, the 48-year-old CEO of the $15-billion Ispat Industries. And, he can add, Aditya was married here. In early December, 1998, in one of the three weddings of the month, LNM's son, Aditya Mittal, 22, wedded Megha Patodia, 21, the daughter of Anjana and Mahendra Kumar Patodia, the CEO of Rs 153-crore GTN Textiles. Nearly 300 rooms were booked at the Taj Bengal, the Oberoi Grand, and the Park Hotel for the guests, who had 50 Cielos--bought exclusively for the wedding--at their disposal. While the controversial Sangeet ceremony on the lawns of the Victoria Memorial featured dance recitals by Mallika Sarabhai and Mamta Shankar, the wedding itself took place at the palatial residence of Ashok Jain, the Chairman of Bennett, Coleman & Co., and a close friend of the Mittals. Not only was the guest-list--which included West Bengal's Chief Minister, Jyoti Basu--a Who's Who, there was a cuisine to suit every palette too. Clearly, Marxist Calcutta will never forget its billionaire son.


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