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Big daddy SAIL joins hands-on-line-with TISCO and Kalyani Steel, and the emerging battle for WAP access takes an interesting turn thanks to Cellmania's tie-up with Airtel.


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New Sites In Netspace

Arvind Pande, CEO,, the world's largest on-line recruitment portal, is reportedly giving final touches to its India entry strategy. Aussie media tycoon Kerry Packer's Net company E-Corp is negotiating with the US-based TMP Worldwide Inc., which controls Packer's partner in India, HFCL, may also participate in this Net venture.
  • Cellmania Inc., a leading global m-Com solution provider, has tied up with Airtel to provide its WAP directory Mfinder as the default search engine for Airtel's WAP services. The firm has also announced the launch of its Indian subsidiary, Cellmania India, in New Delhi.
  • The LG group has set up a new company in India, LG Commerz Now, for venturing into e-Commerce-related activities in the country. Rupert Murdoch's NewsCorp Group is picking up a 10 per cent stake in this e-Commerce software foray by LG Worldwide.
  • ICICI is actively considering the formation of a holding company to handle its emerging web of e-Commerce and on-line trading-related web-sites.
  • Net4India (a Net solutions and services provider) has announced the acquisition of a 50 per cent stake in Net magazine
  • Oracle Corp. has unveiled, which delivers the core sales applications of the Oracle e-business Suite as a free on-line service. Over time, the site will host sales compensation, forecasting, expense, and travel management as pay-as-you-go services.


Beam me back, bt!

In this regular feature, BT traces the history of the Net. The watch pauses somewhere between September and October, 1995.
The spotlight falls on the mark-up languages and protocols, as Netscape Navigator breaths life into the worldwide wonder. The third version of the http 1.0 Internet Draft appears, and, in August, the VRML Architecture Group, the first movement for a virtual mark-up language, meets in California.
» The word 'Internet' is assigned a legal meaning. On October 24, 1995, the Federal Networking Council passes a resolution defining the term Internet, in consultation with the Internet and Intellectual Property Rights communities. Here goes: the word 'Internet' refers to the global information system linked by a globally unique address space based on the Internet Protocol (IP), which is able to support communication using the TCP/IP suite, and provides high-level services layered on communications and related infrastructure. Whew!
» Though e-Commerce was still considered far out, the corporate world wakes up to the concept of on-line branding.
» The Vatican ( and the Canadian government go on-line (
» Hosted by IndiaWorld, India's first corporate web-site-of Kotak Mahindra Finance-is launched.
  • The Steel Authority of India Ltd has signed an MOU with Tata Steel and Kalyani Steel to roll out a steel industry portal,
  • US firm Kick Communications Inc. and Lee & Nee Softwares (Exports) is entering into a 50:50 joint venture to launch a new company, Kick Communications India Ltd. The Rs 100-crore JV will set up a Net gateway and a country-wide optical fibre infrastructure to market bandwidth in India.
  • In a $15-million deal, free ISP Caltiger has tied up with 3Com to market the latter's multimedia communication technologies in India.
  • Other alliances: m-Com portal has tied up with Wipro Net to power the latter's with WAP-enabled services. will provide its address book facility to Aptech's horizontal portal And, has tied with 13 institutes-including NIFT and AIMA-to bring their degree, diploma, and certificate courses on-line.


  • After reclaiming and from cybersquatters, the House of Tatas has its sight (pun intended!) on and The business group plans to approach the World Intellectual Property Organisation to evict the squatters.

-Aparna Ramalingam & Praveen S. Thampi


BT's Aparna Ramalingam has an on-line chat with Alok Mittal, COO,

Alok Mittal , COO, jobsahead.comQ. What happened to your launchpad y-ortal Isn't sibling way ahead?

A. Zipahead is India's leading youth site and is doing extremely well. Even without advertising and other means of promotion, it enjoys half-a-million page-views and a registered user-base of over 160,000.

Isn't's new Voice MailX facility a techno-gimmick?

No. It's, in fact, a quick response to the growing needs of HR managers. With voice-resumés, the recruiter can assess the qualitative dimensions of a job-seeker's personality, like his communications skills, and his level of confidence, which is vital in fields like hospitality and remote services.

Fine. But do you think that the non-infotech Indian job market is ready for Net-based hiring?

The on-line recruitment market is skewed towards infotech because of the penetration of PCs in this segment. However, more and more non-infotech corporates have begun to realise the power of the Net. As a response, we have segregated JobsAhead's on-line recruitment services into different communities (eight, as of now)