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SEPT. 24,2006
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Soaring Salaries, Vanishing Workers
As the economy surges, sectors ranging from IT to retail to manufacturing to services are scrambling to find workers. Result: Salaries have hit new highs.

India's Best Marketers
Our third annual listing of marketers who know consumers the best. Arguably, these are terrific times for marketers. Salaries are soaring, more and more consumers are entering the marketplace, and there's a sense of optimism all around. But these are also tough times for marketers. As consumer markets grow, newer and bigger competitors are stepping in, and the consumer is spoilt for choice. Creating winning brands and loyal consumers, then, is no easy task. Yet, there are some marketers in India who have excelled at it. Helped by six marketing experts-Rama Bijapurkar, Harish Bijoor, Chlorophyll's Kiran Khalap, IIM Bangalore's Y.L.R. Moorthi, IIM Calcutta's Anjan Raichaudhuri, and IIM Ahmedabad's Arvind Sahay-Business Today has identified the 10 best marketers of today. Turn the page for the listing. Read More


The Microfinance Muddle

Five months after a collector in Andhra's Krishna district cracked the whip on microfinance institutions, the small lending industry is still in a tizzy.

False Dawn on Dalal Street
There's plenty to suggest this market rally
isn't for real.



  Hard Knock to the Rock
Surat's flash floods have ravaged the booming diamond industry.


Coffee, Tea And Audacity
Since acquiring Tetley six years ago Tata Tea, along with its coffee subsidiary, has spent at least $1.4 billion on a string of international acquisitions.



  An Eye On The American Pie
A clutch of Indian companies is attempting to carve out a presence in the US by taking its brands there or, even better, by acquiring businesses in the US of A.


Inflation Ahead?
How well the Centre and the RBI manage interest rates will determine whether inflation stays under control or spirals out.

The Midas Mid-caps
Their lure is irresistible. And they have bounced back, even after the May crash. Five mid-cap stocks that look hot today. Plus, buying tips.
  Are You Being Served?
There's a raft of jobs on offer in the fast-growing hospitality industry and if you can withstand the long and erratic hours, this may be just the thing for you. What's more, a hotel management degree isn't a must.
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Change In Climate
Industrialised nations' emissions of greenhouse gases edged up to their highest levels in more than a decade in ../2004 despite efforts to fight global warming. The figures, based on submissions to the UN Climate Secretariat in Bonn, indicate many countries will have to do more to meet the goals for 2012 set by the UN's Kyoto Protocol. What are the implications for the world at large?
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Flying High
Asia, led by India, will fly high. The region will witness the second highest growth in international air traffic till ../2009, says a report by the Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation (CAPA). West Asia (which the report treats as distinct from the rest of Asia) is projected to grow the fastest. The report estimated a worldwide growth of around 5 per cent. In India, the number of international passengers is expected to grow 20 per cent.

Net, Net Gain
Indians are taking to the world wide web in a big way, outpacing the US and China in terms of online population. The total online population, aged over 15 years accessing the net, in India rose 7.8 per cent to 18.02 million in June, from 16.71 million in March. The growth in the country's online population outscores the rise of 2.7 per cent in the world's online audience size, which rose 713 million in June, from 694 million in March this year. A look at the unfolding revolution.

Surge In Exports
Indian exports are on a healthy track, touching $100 billion this year. Merchandise exports for ../2005-06 rose approximately 25 per cent over the previous financial year. Exporters have widened their market base. In ../2004-05, services exports grew 71 per cent to $46 billion and by January ../2006 had surpassed the previous year's performance with 75 per cent growth. Interestingly, Indian companies are making gains in non-traditional areas like Africa and Latin America.

India, Warts and All
If India continues to fascinate and confound
its observers, it is because the country is
a world in itself.

The Running Trip
A senior executive who has run in more than 100 locations across 20 countries over the past 16 years recounts his obsession.

Starring Wipro's Azim Premji; Reliance Industries' Kaushik Roy; GAIL's Proshanto Banerjee; Rajeev Bakshi, Chairman, PepsiCo India; Jessop's P.K. Ruia; and Gautam Thapar, VC & MD, BILT.

Leadership Spotlight Shashi Ruia, Chairman, Essar Group, and Ravi Ruia, Vice Chairman, Essar Group.