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JULY 16 2006
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India's Best B-schools
IIM Ahmedabad stays rock solid at #1, but there are plenty of gainers and losers in this year's survey. More importantly, the overall infrastructure
at a B-school, its quality of
placements and faculty mattered
even more to our survey
respondents, comprising
recruiters, MBA wannabes, MBA students, young executives,
and function heads. Presenting the only
customer-focussed survey of B-schools
in the country.

IIM-A: The Brand Is It
What makes Indian Institute of Management
Ahmedabad the country's best B-school year
after unrelenting year? How about brand image?

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The 'We-Try-Harder' School
At 28, Pune's Symbiosis Institute of Business
Management (SIBM) has emerged one of India's
best B-schools. And it is also the sometimes-reluctant
head of a growing family.
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Educating The Managers

Demand for executive education is soaring, and the leading B-schools have responded with some innovative programmes. As for employers, they are only too happy. Read More

India's Best
B-school Profs

If you are a professor, what does it take to win the respect and admiration of some of India's brightest kids? A complete mastery of your subject apart, it
takes some self-deprecation
and a sense of humour. Meet the nine most popular professors at IIM-A, B and C.