JANUARY 18, 2004
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A Dozen Reasons
Why India Is A
Nation Of Ideas

A scientist first citizen, Fakir Chand Kohli, middle-class values, a socialist legacy, supply-side dynamics, and seven other equally intriguing factors.

From The Editor-in-chief

From The Editor

Twelfth Anniversary Logistics
The rationale behind the issue and some tips on
how to read it.
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MNCs 'R' Us

A listing of some of the
main MNC research labs
in India and a profile of
their IP activities.

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10 Ideas
The World
Can Take
From India

Get a pen, scribble your
choice of the 10 on the
side of this page and
see how many you
got right.

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Patently, A New Era
A first of its kind BT-Evalueserve research
study throws up numerical backing for
India's Ideas-superpower status: a boom
in patent filings.
At The Bleeding Edge
From nanotechnology to MEMS to
telemedicine to fuel cells, research on
some of tech's most bleeding-edge areas is progressing in India. more...
The Design Idea
A growing number of Indian companies are realising that the design idea can be the source of a sustainable competitive advantage, even globally. more...
Calling Kumbakonam...
For anyone wishing to learn
how to sell to the poor profitably,
India is a great learning
ground. more...

Storm In A Beaker
India's government laboratories wake up
to the realisation that IP equals money in
today's world.

  Think Research, Think India
Or why no ideation-minded company
can afford not to maintain a presence
in India.

Q&A Frank Pallone
US's best-known Congressman in India airs his views on his country's outsourcing angst—and on India's trade prospects.

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India's Education Edge
Can India sell itself as a globally competitive source of education? Given the cost differences, it's not an absurd question.

Three Digit Mark
India's forex reserves are just about to scale the $100 billion mark—yippee! Is it time for a relook at the pile-em-up strategy?

Market Size Matters
Forget the bric-view of 'emergence'. Think US vs China vs Europe vs India. It's all about becoming the single largest consumer market.

Distribution's Disruptive Duo
Deveshwar and Sivakumar have used digital technology to redefine the dynamics of distribution. more...

Tourism Troubadour
Inveterate traveller Jayathilak seems to have perfected the art of coming up with ideas that sell just about any place. more...

Lady Hope
Sewa's Mirai Chatterjee oversees the largest micro-insurance programme in the world. more...

Biotech Romantic
People say it's a hopeless idea, but Avesthagen's Villoo Morawala Patell thinks it's one whose time has come: An India-based global plant biotech company. more...

Indian Innovator
IIT Madras' Ashok Jhunjhunwala believes the Indian market requires a home-grown school of R&D focussed on cost reduction, not feature enrichment.

Man of Vision
Ever since he founded the Aravind Eye Hospital in 1976, Dr. G. Venkataswamy has given sight to more than a million people, most of them poor. more...

Retail's Mr. No-Frills
Shoppers should pay for the product, not the lighting and air-conditioning. On that simple premise, R. Subramanian launched an Indian-style chain of discount stores, Subhiksha. more...

Solid State Scientist
He mid-wifed a major breakthrough in nanotechnology. But that's just one reason why potential Nobel Prize winner C.N.R. Rao is a scientific genius. more...

Think a state can't be run like a company? Ask Andhra Pradesh's CM Chandrababu Naidu; he's shown how. more...

The Quiet Reformer
S.M. Krishna is forging alliances with the private sector to bring about a governance revolution in Karnataka.

Citizen Ramanathan
Ramesh Ramanathan's idea is simplicity itself: citizens are the best people to run cities. Hey, isn't that what democracy started out to be? more...

Mukesh Ambani
The Chairman of Reliance Industries
Limited on India's innovation
imperative. more...

N. Chandrababu Naidu
The CM of Andhra Pradesh explains how
India can become knowledge-hub of the
world. more...

Alok Aggarwal
The founder of Evalueserve argues that it is
now time for Indians to create wealth from knowledge. more...

M.S. Ananth
The Director of IIT, Madras, sees the
IITs as India's magic gardens of
innovation. more...

C.K. Prahalad
The management guru believes India
can show the world how to sell to the disenfranchised profitably.

R.A. Mashelkar
The Director General of CSIR insists
that all scientific research must lead to
wealth creation.

Dan Schienman
The Senior Vice President of CISCO on
why India is a global driver of innovation
and development.

N. Vaghul
The Chairman of ICICI Bank is
certain effective seed-stage funding
can help India duplicate Silicon Valley's
success. more...

Prasoon Joshi
The National Creative Director of
McCann-Erickson India on how
Indian advertising is learning to
address the masses.

Ashok Alexander
The Director of the Bill and
Melinda Gates Foundation's local arm
on using sound business principles to
battle AIDS. more...


Defining Moments Of 2003
A runaway Sensex whizzes past 5,000 and more
Unified licensing kickstarts telecom M&As
Rusty steel industry adds a glittering new sheen
Uday Kotak gets his banking licence and respect
Indian manufacturing moves into global markets
India Inc. discovers a new
playground: Global M&A
The ad industry returns to double-digit growth
Media companies make the headlines
Global back offices keep coming to India
The derivatives market in India comes of age

Worst Moments Of 2003
Sunil Alagh is ousted from Britannia
Karim Telgi pulls a scam bigger than Big Bull's
SEBI cracks the whip on Samir Arora
Cola companies come under fire for pesticides
Bollywood groans under a pile of box-office flops
Executives get caught with their pants down
Spycam nets a corrupt politician, but backfires
The myth about mutual fund safety blows up
America snags Saddam but the battle ain't over
SARS strikes and shakes nations up

Predictions For 2004
The Sensex will continue to be on a roll
New car-makers will drive into India
There will be a flood of quality IPOs
Corporate earnings will dazzle even more
India will be the place to do business
BJP will be the electorates' favourite

2003's Hottest Women
Deal-maker: Naina Lal Kidwai
Savvy VC: Renuka Ramnath
Slick Speedster: Sulajja Firodia Motwani
Angry Green: Sunita Narain


BT's Blockbusters
Ruias' Fight to Save Essar
Sensex's Incredible Rally
The CFO's Coming Out
Bangalore's Civic Experiment
India's Freedom to Win
Crystal-gazing 2004

Most Visible Faces Of 2003
K.M. Birla earns his spurs
Niall Booker makes his surprise move
Y.V. Reddy takes charge on Mint Street
Jaswant Singh shines in glory
Vijay Mallya lives it up even more
Scott McNealy checks India out
Gautam Singhania thirsts for speed
Avanti Birla does her Yantra
Vinod Sethi tries new kicks
M. Damodaran salvages UTI


Hot Jobs In The New Year
Chief ethics officer, Vice President
of Datamining, and Linguists are
just some people who'll make
hay this year.


The Hottest Gizmos Of 2003
Blue-ray discs, 128-bit processing,
direct-to-home TV, super-efficient
hybrid cars...they were all there for
the taking. But all we can say is:
You ain't seen nothing yet.


Hot Stocks For 2004
The long-term trend is bullish,
and if you're looking towards
Dalal Street, here are 10 stocks that
are set to beat the market in the
new year.

BT's Best Of 2003
IPO: Maruti Udyog
Politician: Atal Bihari Vajpayee
M&A: Grasim-L&T Cement
CEO: Mukesh Ambani
Bank: HDFC Bank
Investor: Rakesh Jhunjhunwala
Company: Reliance Industries
B-School: IIM-A
State for Business: Maharashtra
Employer: P&G